World darts championship: top ten bets

Editorial insight…

…the PDC World Championship of Darts starts tomorrow evening at London’s Ally Pally.

Phil Taylor, Andy Hamilton, Justin Pipe and MVG all get mentions in The Metro’s run down of the top ten best odds for the biggest dart’s championship on Earth.

The odds, some tight (evens for 9-darter), some worth a couple of quid (MVG hitting back to back 9-darters @ 2014/1 – remember he was 1 dart away in the semi last year!) for the top ten bets are all listed through the link above.

Who doesn’t get a look-in at the bookies

For me, there are four players who always perform at the Ally Pally

  • Raymond Van Barneveld (5 times world champ)
  • John Part (thrice world champ)
  • Adrian Lewis (twice world champ)
  • James Wade (winner of most PDC majors [7] behind Taylor)

That The Metro has failed to mention these guys at all is something of a surprise. Especially with their focus on The Hammer! He was shocking in Minehead last month and was lucky to keep up his run of getting to the quarters in every major TV darts event for the last year and a half.

In addition, he’ll probably face Dean Winstanley in the Second Round. Dean was awesome at this year’s Grand Slam in Wolverhampton. If the two guys bring their current form to round two, The Hammer will be back him in Stoke before Christmas Eve!

James “The Machine” Wade, depending upon what head he wears, can never be written off. Barney, Darth Maple and Adrian Lewis have all proven they’ve got what it takes to repeatedly lift dart’s biggee. You cannot simply brush that experience aside.

Especially with Jackpot Adie Lewis. It grates me to say this, but when he’s on top form, there are few players that can touch him. Wade, Van Gerwen and Taylor are they, but only if they play to the top of their game.

The full draw, including preliminaries and qualifiers, can be found on Wikipedia’s 2014 PDC Darts Cahmpionship page.


Darrell Super6 Week 34 Results & Week 35 Fixtures

It’s a new day of a new (tax) year and the capacity to earn £10k without paying a jot to the taxman is upon us.

In real terms, that’s £200/week you can earn without parting with a penny in deductions, other than N.I. contributions.

Yes, I think we’ll have some of that.  Millionaires have had a tax-cut, so what?  Yes, it sucks, but does it directly affect me?  Erm, no.

IDS’s Welfare Reform was going ahead, like it or not; now that doesn’t just stink, it’s positively pungent.

But Labour fighting that particular front with the £1ook tax cut on each £1m is somewhat irrelevant and misguided for those on lower-income.

Rather than try to stir up feeling, why don’t The Reds tell us what they’re going to do rather than moan about what the Tories have done?

Jeez, if everyone got depressed about Tory policy, I’d be investing in shares in The Samaritans up to the hilt. #justsayin’

Week 35 Super 6 Fixtures

Anyway – off me political soapbox and into the terraces with a round-up of this week’s Super6 results and a sneak peek at the Week 35 Super 6 fixtures.

After a superb March, Les has really took the challenge to Ken at the top of the league, who had his worth month by far.  A two-horse race?  Methinkso.

Jase looks to have settled for third and Pat for fourth, with an intriguing battle between Micky D & Jord for the wooden spoon.

This weekend coming is the last of the phase 2 round robin, whereafter we’ll have our finalists for the Sweet FA Cup, first weekend May.  Keep you posted.

Next week’s fixtures and DarrellSuper6 entry form across the page.

Yet again, we see West Brom, Aston Villa and Wolves all featuring in the same week.  Lots of predicting with heart instead of minds, then.

Yep – I think Jeff and the boys’ jackpot will be safe, certainly from this little nook in The Black Country.

Week 35 Super 6 Form Guide

Wolves head off to Bolton in a battle of The Wanderers; that’s always a scrappy affair, always close and almost always sees the points stay in Lancashire.

However, Wolves have picked up 13 points from the last 18 and have suddenly remembered where the net is in emphatic style (fixture 4).

West Brom – who already seem to have one arm in the sleeve of their jacket for end-of-season do – face Arsenal at The Hawthorns.  Arsenal do have something to play for, WBA really don’t (fixture 3).

And Villa have the unenviable task of trying to bring something back from The Britannia, where Stoke have looked strong all season, as both teams look to avoid the drop into The Championship (fixture 2).

We stay in the Midlands, albeit the east, with a trip across to Nottingham as Forest look to cement their play-off place against a Blackpool side who are only three points off the drop zone (fixture 5).

The non-Midlands games feature Norwich at home to Swansea, the home side by no means safe four points off the relegation zone.  The Swans look to be safe as they sit mid-table, just below The Baggies (fixture 1).

And fixture 6 is a real six-point fixture as Sheffield Wednesday take on Blackburn at Hillsborough.  As it stands, both are on 47 points and outside the drop zone on goal difference only.

The Championship table is a volatile melting pot

Should Huddersfield pick up a point tonight at the Reebok or Posh win at Middlesboro, Sheffield are in the bottom three.

If both of those results transpire this evening, Sheffield will be second-bottom and Blackburn – on a shocking run of form – will be outside the relegation places by the slenderest of goal differences, which could well be erased at Hillsborough on Saturday.

So, there’s your form guide to Week 35 of the Super 6.  Best of luck and see you next week when Micky D, Ken and Pat will be behind WBA and Les and Jord will no doubt behoove as the Villains they are.

I’ll be the loner up the corner in the gold and black, praying for another three points to put a little daylight between Wolves and League One and the thought of successive relegations.  Not again, surely…

How much muscle recovery time’s needed between abs workouts?

See on Scoop.itabs workout solutions

If you’re not allowing enough muscle recovery time between abs workouts, you’re harming your efforts to get ripped rather than helping them along.

Collage of varius Gray's muscle pictures by Mi...

Abs on fire; Gray’s collage by Mikael Häggström (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zebedeerox‘s insight:

Good Good Friday, everyone!

Thinking of getting a couple of extra workouts in over the Easter holiday?  Be sure to read my weekly round-up of the hot-topic in all of the #fitness mags this week:

>> Muscle recovery time: should I or shouldn’t I? <<

The buzz is that you may actually be putting under-recovered muscles in reverse if you’re not adequately resting them, feeding them or if you’re leaving them totally idle on days off.

As well as a story about how I got the whole concept wrong when I first started working out all those years ago, there are five great tips for speeding up muscle recovery time between workouts.

It’s so easy to get misinformed, I totally understand why you would be burning your muscles out instead of growing them. This article will help you understand whether or not you are and what to do about it.

It will also help prepare your body for the next session without being too demanding, whether you’re feeling the effects of an over-enthusiastic workout or not.

So, permit me to be nosy, if you would: are you working to a bespoke exercise and diet regime or making it up as you go along?

Good for you if you are working out, even if it’s only random with no measurable goals.

Total kudos to you guys and gals who are working to a program.  How’s it going and what #sixpackabs routine do you follow religiously and is it bringing the results you expected?

The good news is with *The Definition Method*, despite regular workouts, there’s plenty of muscle recovery time in between workout days to give your washboard time to heal and eventually reveal.

If you’ve not got an #absworkout program yet – or an allover fitness and diet regime that’s not going to break the bank or be _too_ demanding on your time or body – check out The Definition Method 10-minute intro today, whilst you’ve got an extra 10 minutes: The Definition Method – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how simplified Martin has made his program.

And be sure to avail yourself of the ten secret ways to burn fat series he’s put together, too.  It’s a killer and some of the tips are _soooo_ obvious when you understand them, you’ll wonder why you never thought of them yourself.

I’m in there; sign up with me after you’ve watched the video
<== The Definition Method – an introduction

I’ll help you reach your goals through our inner circle fan page.  See you on the inside.  And Happy Easter!

Ten fat-burning secrets e-book

Ten fat-burning secrets e-book

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Tiger’s back on top, but where’s the European Challenge coming from?

See on Scoop.itUK Golf

A confident, steady Tiger Woods cruised at Bay Hill and reclaimed the No. 1 ranking. But his comeback won’t be complete until he wins that elusive 15th major championship, writes Golf Magazine’s Alan Bastable.

Zebedeerox‘s insight:

It grates me to say it, but Tiger Woods is back.  But why do I feel this way?

For the first time since I’ve been commentating on golf, Tiger’s at the top of the Official World Golf Rankings.

Last time he was there, my wife and I were sat in our appartment in Tenerife watching the miners being lifted out of a collapsed mine in Chile.

Lee Westwood knocked Tiger off the top of golf’s world rankings and the number one spot, despite changing hands a few times, has not lef the UK since.

That was until Monday, when Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill for the 8th time in his career and hardly broke sweat to do it.

The only other golfers who look capable of reigning in Tiger at the moment are Brandt Snedeker and Justin Rose.

Whilst the media have been concentrating on ‘the comeback’, Brandt and Justin are making their own inroads in the OWGR almost under the radar.

True enough, with his win at Bayhill, Tiger has dumped Snedeker off the top of the Fedex Cup leaderboard as well as usurping Rory McIlroy at the top of the OWGR.

But just look where Snedeker and Rose are.  Snedeker’s holding onto second in the Fedex Cup and has climbed to fifth in the OWGR.

English: in 2007 Esperanto: en la jaro 2007

Tiger Woods back to 2007 form? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Justin Rose is now third in the OWGR, becoming the highest placed English golfer in the world.

I’m not certain, but I suspect with Westwood and Donald’s jaunts as world number one over the past three years, it’s the first time Rose has held that lofty position.

But this is where it grates.  This is where it hurts, being a European golf fan.

Where has the challenge been from McIlroy, Donald and Westwood to stop what’s seemingly an unchallenged domination of golf by arguably the greatest golfer of all time in Woods?

They shared the top three places for so long – and by such a distance – it seems unthinkable that Luke Donald could now be sitting in fourth and Lee Westwood a lowly thirteenth in the OWGR.

Will there be a Major winner from the Eastern Atlantic shores in 2013?  Or will US golf dominate?

Will someone other than Justin from UK Golf show that they’re interested in winning a title this year?  Yes, I’d love to see Justin pick up a major – he’s the most deserving golfer from Europe by a long shot.

But honestly, a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

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DarrellSuper6 Week 33 Predictions

Britain’s “White Weekend”, as it’s being dubbed, has had an effect on the Super 6 fixtures, this week.
Typical, the snow’s struck when all the fixtures are from League 1 – if they’d been from The Premier, the grounds may well have survived this unseasonal drop of white stuff.

So, to get on with it, here are our predictions for Week 33:

For those unfamiliar with League 1, here’s the table as it stands:

League 1 - 19th March 2013

League 1 – 19th March 2013 c/o SKY Sports

There’s a link on the Get Thet, Go!! home page to the Super 6 site if you’d like to have a pop yourself.  Join us later for the results.

Alternatively, join/follow me during the week on Google+: +Jason Darrell

Please note, due to there only being four fixtures, the jackpot has been reduced to £5,000; here’s what SKY has to say about it:

Weather hits Super 6 (Week 33)

Please note that following the postponements of Colchester v MK Dons and Shrewsbury v Oldham, this week’s jackpot is reduced to £5,000, with a guaranteed £5,000 for the person who scores the most points.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your predictions before 3pm today.