The new home of DarrellSuper6

Ha-ha!  Welcome to the new home of DarrellSuper6.

It’s a bit late in the day for this season, as we’re in the penultimate round, but running the site on a Google site was a bit of a nightmare.

We used to be here:

It’s not  a bad little site, to be fair, it’s just the admin side of things, having to load everything in excel, then convert it to a google doc – too much hassle when there’s so much professional writing to do.

I never thought about it before, but I just used to change the page every week.  For next season, I’ll post the fixtures as a new blog-post, get the members of our league to follow, then they’ll have the fixtures fresh in their inbox every week – at least I’ll be getting some grease on the wheels of this little baby and not running around like a blue-arsed one at ten to three on a Saturday afternoon.  Da-dah!

So, let’s see how WordPress handles excel and pdf documents, then…

…okay – strange.

When I take a snapshot from a pdf and paste it into a post for the golf coach website I write for, it displays, like the post through the link just there.  That’s on a self-hosted site though, not on a WordPress-hosted site like this one.  Hmm, I’ll have to look into that.  Anyhoo, here’s the link to our predictions for this Sunday, the penultimate round of Gillette Soccer Saturday Super 6:

darrellsuper6 predictions 2011_12 – round 46

Micky D – click that link above, bud!!!

If we win, I think we may just stop in Costa Adeje a week or two longer.

Adios, amigos. xxx