More interest generated in Golf Street Journal

Darrelldoo - Golfdrive

Darrelldoo – Golfdrive

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Okay – it seems that there are still a few missing links in the information chain that has got Golfers from across LinkedIn wanting more information about TGSJ.
There were a couple more questions…

More interest generated in Golf Street Journal | @scoopit…The complete overview, article 3 of 3 on It Drives Like A Golf.

Outlining the benefits of the brand new golf social network, linked to the other two articles that have covered the site in more depth earlier this week.

It’s free, full of golf nuts and there are an abundance of friend-making and networking tools for both the golf fan and golf businessman alike to utilise on-site.

Like I say all detailed to quite an extent in the article through the ‘Scoop.It’ link and the two articles subsequently linked to give you the complete overview of the brand new golf social network.

TTFN, Thet Watson. xxx

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Advertisements Driver & Fairway Wood Stickers Driver & Wood Stickers Driver & Wood Stickers

See this feature on – in the curated topic by Zebedeerox, UK Golf last week launched their new and improved golf lesson swing thought stickers, backed by a “Play Better Golf within 30 Days Guarantee”.

As well as the video through the picture image in this post, detailing exactly what Swing Thought stickers are all about and how they can improve your game – guaranteed – there is a dedicated page on their website,, playing back the absolute basic instructions that might even improve my game…although some may say my golf is beyond redemption and I’d have to agree.

But another reason you should at least nip over and check out how the swing thought sticker can help your golf: as part of their ongoing commitment to golf at grass roots level, both & BILMBA Mktg., under the leadership of Byron K Smith, have pledged to donate $1 from their own coffers for every dollar their clients donate.

Worth a sticker or two?  You betcha!

Leave it with you, and TTFN, Thet Watson. x

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What A Kindle Day: Free Casual Dating Site Search

cheekylovers - adult dating - free membership

cheekylovers – adult dating – free membership

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No matter what you do, whether you’re a golfer or a writer, a poet or SEO expert, you sometimes just want a bit of action.

I’m not talking about a round of golf or reading the latest Stephen King, I’m talking inter-action.  y’know, with the opposite sex…

…anyway, found this page which provides, well, all sorts of different types of dating activity.

There’s pretty pictures, a good bit of background and also an RSS feed you can sign up to to get a constant flow of singles into your RSS Aggregator, whatever one of those is.

It’s an interesting little article as well as providing access to both casual dating, free adult dating and mobile dating.

It’s all getting too much for this old sod but if you’re looking for a date for this weekend and this weekend only, if you know what I mean, then I guess this is probably for you…

…just click on the link though the title to get the full info!

TTFN, Thet Watson.

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