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Homeless families in B&B accommodation up by 44% | Society | The Guardian

Homeless families in B&B accommodation up by 44% | Society | The Guardian.

The National Housing Federation found that between January and March 2012 there were 3,960 families nationwide living in B&Bs, up from 2,750 over the same period in 2011. Photograph: Tony Watson/Alamy

Homeless families in B&B accommodation up by 44% | Society | The Guardian

Homelessness up 25% since we were Con-Dem-ed

I promised a bit of social commentary on this blog, but it’s been pretty much dominated by golf and soccer.  This is the type of thing I mean by social commentary.

For all of the suckers who fell for that smarmy git in the elections two years ago and for Nick Clegg who, once he leaves #10 will likely never get re-elected as a quiz team captain let alone as a serious political candidate: this is what the Tories do!

They shaft the working class, line their own pockets first and then those of the captains of industry who got them there on the back of a promise that they would in turn be looked after once the blue flag was flying in Downing Street, again.

Any thought of that blue turning just a little green with the Lib Dem‘s splash of yellow has long since been whitewashed as Cameron’s given Clegg what he wanted, knowing full well that it would never get through the House.

How much more damage will Cameron and his silver-spoon cabinet cause before the UK’s the next European country to take arms and stage a modern-day version of the Peasant’s Revolt?  This latest study by the National Housing Federation is another nail on a coffin-lid almost closed on Cameron and his cosseted cronies, showing just how many families are being forced into B&Bs because of Housing Benefit Capping under emergency temporary accommodation.

On top of that, add a 25% increase in the number of households classed as homeless since we were Con-Dem-ed at the polls, now over fifty thousand, and the dawn of a second wave of Thatcherite Britain has not only penetrated the cloud on the eastern horizon but, before we know it, will be blinding us in the intensity of its midday heat.

Nobody voted for a coalition; we want it even less.

The Tories are using austerity as a weapon to crush the working man’s resolve, allowing foreign investors to buy homes in London, forcing the average price up making its historical residents homeless, sending them to Coventry, or just up the road to Stoke, and will let those investors living in the Capital plunder the vaults of the city of London and shift those monies back out of the UK before the Inland Revenue can say “income tax”.  Let a working class bloke miss a penny payment in tax and he’s got a letter on the welcome mat the very next morning from the Inland Revenue demanding recompense.

Cameron – your time is up.  Do the honourable thing, step down and let the country vote on who it wants to see in the Cabinet and not let you, who lost eight points to Clegg on the live debates you were insistent upon, seat your university chums in a cosy orifice where the light from the real world no longer shines.

Thank you.

The Golf Street Journal | Facebook

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Darrelldoo wrote: The Golf St. Journal Hurricane Promo… Join Facebook to connect with Darrelldoo and others you may know.

It’s not difficult to get your head around, this one.

The Golf Street Journal is a brand new social media concept, their tagline: “fore golfers, by golfers”. The two owners think there’s a lot of mileage in getting a lot of golfers under one onlione roof where they can network, pitch, be pitched at and probably take advantage of the on-site advertising, which is kept in-house for the members, by the members. Golf is a cash-rich community and, yes, everyone likes to be dealing within the appropriate circles.  My link can get you direct access to those normally hallowed networks on the new site, with full permission from the owners to invite new members with the sole purpose of inviting new members.

Why would you do this?

TGSJ is a brilliant concept.  The two guys running it believe in it that much that they are paying members $2.50/pop to refer other members.

If you’re good at marketing and have access to sport, especially golf or football (show me a footballer that won’t eventually golf and I’ll show you a Scot that doesn’t drink) or can access the hgher-level management within your corporation, marketing this network will be a doddle.

It’s free to join, create your profile, get your referral link, start hitting the three niches I’ve just pointed out and you’re away. No restrictions to the medium – I’m on fb, twitter and linkedin but my reach is not huge.  For someone with loads of followers, they could even be in with a shout of the big prize the guys are utting up in the Hurricane Promo Party group -0 you haave to check that out when you get inside, honestly.  Unreal!

Once you’ve signed up under my link (I’ll know, coz I get a report), come find me [Zebedeerox] and say hi and I’ll show you the ropes.

If I’m offline, there’s a post on the blog attched to this one and in the 19th hole On THE SITE with a clear sign-post about which group to join for the best advice.

There is no charge, at any stage, to sign up, join groups, create a profile. Anywhere.

See you on the inside.


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Download the latest Android or Mobile app…pdf – Google Documents

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There’s a thin line, sometimes, between what’s considered permissable as advertising – none greater so than in the world of online dating.


Or, as in this case, the thin line of finely-crafted grey lingerie…

…god bless

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for that illicit affair

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Quite simply, what we’re offering you – at absolutely no charge whatsoever – is RSS Dating!  Head over to the site from the link below, check out the dating sites on offer there and sign up to the RSS feed.

You can then copy and paste the dating site feed – heck, all of them if you wish; there’s no charge, so no limit – into your RSS reader to get a constant flow of last active or new dating site members.  You can even choose whether you want to see normal, sexy or XXX profiles.  All of the websites featured offer at least one free dating site package, but sign-up to them will be required to view the members in more detail and get in touch.

If you’re on a public computer, you may just want to choose the normal services but the choice is yours.  If you’ve ever thought of having that secret affair, there are plenty of like-minded singles on the site to whet your whistle, if you know what I mean.

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Emotobooks – a revolution in the making

Emotobooks are a completely new concept – so new, in fact, that there are only a limited number of titles available in this format to date.  Taking the thoughts of the characters at peak and trough moments in the given story line, talented digital illustrators have translated those emotions into visualisations to draw the reader in closer to develop a real relationship with those whose feelings are depicted in this manner.

The orchestrator behind the concept is a publishing outfit entitled Grit City Publications, also the title of the first series available as a digital book in the Emotobook format; issues 1-6 are available below, with Issue 7 in the pipeline, as per the solemn promise of series author Ron Gavalik.

They are on sale exclusively through amazon but don’t worry – you don’t have to own a kindle to read them.  There are apps available from amazon that will convert kindle into almost any format, a detailed list is available on

I was going to use as the main outlet for this genre, but then though: hey, up – you’ve done nothing with What a kindle day for a long while – it could do with an injection of readership.

So here’s the thing – you can either go through this link to read more about: Emotobooks or open up the darrelldoo4emotobooks a-store to get direct access and buy them securely through Amazon – it is a a-store, but as they’re in digital format there’s no issue, there.  If, however, you’re looking for an excuse to buy a Kindle device and think that this is it, remember to switch to the country of residence once you’re on the amazon platform if you’re outside the UK!

Grit City Publications may also be the platform for the long-awaited debut novel of Jerald Larson, The Seed, if appraisals for Billy came continue to flood in as they are.

Grit City Emotobook series

Grit City 1 Grit City 2 Grit City 3Grit City 4Grit City 5Grit City 6– Grit City 7 – to be announced!

Other series available through darelldoo4emotobooks until I can get the images uploaded here.

Praise for Jerald Larson and Billy came by two published authors:

Marian Allen – “Wow–this is WILD! This is the first bit I’ve read. Are you going to pull these together and publish them, or leave them serialized here?”

Emily Guido – “Love this entry! Brilliant really! I’m a vamp gal! Take care and I’m following you to read more! Thanks, Emily”

Why not check out the short vampire story or the new digital book?  Billy came is a free read; the Grit City productions are not free but very competitively priced.

Please, enjoy, comment, share.

Zebedeerox. x