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Whilst the GolfRoller has been specifically tailored for the golfing market and its video tutorial library emphasises how the simple workouts can prolong and improve agility and core strength, its suitable for all sports men and women looking for a practical, muscle-toning workout without having to go to the gym…

This is no ordinary exercise roller.  Whilst it will do the job of keeping muscles limber and toning them up for the fairway, there are many other sports that can take advantage of this product, two years in the making and in the shops at last!

The video tutorials alone are worth the price of the GolfRoller exercise roller.  When you take into account free shipping in the US & Canada, it”s a steal!

No more rainy jogs to the gym, muscles cramping up with cold as the golf course is buried beneath three feet of snow…keep that metabolism ticking over all ear around with this brand new exercise product for golfers.

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More interest generated in Golf Street Journal

Darrelldoo - Golfdrive

Darrelldoo – Golfdrive

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Okay – it seems that there are still a few missing links in the information chain that has got Golfers from across LinkedIn wanting more information about TGSJ.
There were a couple more questions…

More interest generated in Golf Street Journal | @scoopit…The complete overview, article 3 of 3 on It Drives Like A Golf.

Outlining the benefits of the brand new golf social network, linked to the other two articles that have covered the site in more depth earlier this week.

It’s free, full of golf nuts and there are an abundance of friend-making and networking tools for both the golf fan and golf businessman alike to utilise on-site.

Like I say all detailed to quite an extent in the article through the ‘Scoop.It’ link and the two articles subsequently linked to give you the complete overview of the brand new golf social network.

TTFN, Thet Watson. xxx

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Dubai, The sky’s the limit.

Dubai Skyline

Dubai Skyline

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The sky’s the limit

They have the tallest building on Earth and a skyline that dwarfs most other metropolises. There are shopping centres complete with indoor ski-slopes and giant shark filled aquariums…

The first guest post on It Drives Like A Golf from Mike Haas, who’s shared this wonderful golf article with us (from Great Golf Magazine) about Dubai.

Not only does the article inform us in substantial depth of what a great golf destination the Jewel of The United Arab Emirates is, but has the addition of the fantastic insight of someone who’s been there and done it…

…well worth a read and, if you follow the link back to the article, why no pick up a copy of The Great Golf Magazine, to boot.

Read, enjoy and share the love.

TTFN, Thet Watson. xxx

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See this feature on – in the curated topic by Zebedeerox, UK Golf last week launched their new and improved golf lesson swing thought stickers, backed by a “Play Better Golf within 30 Days Guarantee”.

As well as the video through the picture image in this post, detailing exactly what Swing Thought stickers are all about and how they can improve your game – guaranteed – there is a dedicated page on their website,, playing back the absolute basic instructions that might even improve my game…although some may say my golf is beyond redemption and I’d have to agree.

But another reason you should at least nip over and check out how the swing thought sticker can help your golf: as part of their ongoing commitment to golf at grass roots level, both & BILMBA Mktg., under the leadership of Byron K Smith, have pledged to donate $1 from their own coffers for every dollar their clients donate.

Worth a sticker or two?  You betcha!

Leave it with you, and TTFN, Thet Watson. x

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The face of UK Golf is about to change


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Golfers of the UK, Eire, Europe and the world, get ready!

The preliminary edition of the brand new weekly e-zine, UK Golf, was issued on Monday last, with the first edition proper scheduled for this Monday, the 20th August.

If you’ve not signed up for your copy of this totally free Weekly digital newspaper dedicated to golf, do it now.

We are putting a whole new face on UK Golf, Irish golf, The European Tour & The PGA Tour – a human one.

It’s time for the avid golf fan to have her or his say above and alongside the biggest names in golf; it’s time for the smaller brands, the start-ups, for those who have opinions and are, in general, dedicated to the sport, to have their fifteen minutes, take advantage of their fleeting window of opportunity and be a part of something very, very special.

For the UK & European fans, we have a very special feature this week from Open Golf Accomodation,

We also have news from the Tour ahead of the Johnnie Walker next week as the players take a well-earned break after what has been a furious August, so far.

For our stateside readership, we have a very special offer on ProAdvanced Pop-up Ball-return ReadyNet golf practise nets, exclusively permitted by Renan Lore himself.

And as the brand new GolfRoller hits the market in L.A. and Toronto, we have news of the product making its début in the UK. Yes, UK Golf will has exclusive access to their foam exercise roller, developed over two years and tailored to the golf market with a series of golf workout tutorials online to boot; we’ll reveal how you can get your hands on this exciting new product.

So sign up for the RSS @, follow for details of contributors and a very special list of Golf and Business networkers who want to share their product and business with you and, most of all, for your and our opinions on what’s affecting golf, who’s reacting to it and what more can be done about it (whatever the ‘it’ is) as we launch this exciting, new weekly golf magazine.

how to submit your article

how to submit your article

Do you have somethng to say about golf?

Submit your article @ – don’t fret if your English is not up to scratch, we’ll edit it for you!

Want us to write your golf promo or opinion article for you?

Drop us a line through the same link and, for $39, we’ll craft your article to your theme and the guidelines on site and share it with our network as per this infographic, here: – a place on the web forever and marketed to 7 – yes, seven – social media platforms that will all have a backlink to your site so readers from our pages can easily find their way back to you!

And, perhaps equally importantly, will the search engines. I know, for just $39, including writing your article…I don’t know how we do it!

So, please, read share and enjoy and be a part of this exciting new chapter in golf as we take it to the big boys and have our say!

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