The smart way to market your business on

The smart way to market your business on social media

One thing we didn’t expect when starting out in business was to have to market it online. We knew traditional routes: Yellow Pages, local newspapers, flyers, etc. But then the Internet happened.

But that was okay. Ish. We knew had a decent handle on the older mediums, like Facebook and Twitter. And wow! What about the newer ones, like Pinterest and Instagram?! Don’t our images look awesome!?

But we soon learn:
it’s one thing sharing a cat GIF or inspirational quote to get a few likes or retweets.

It’s another entirely to generate enthusiasm for your business from your once-everso-faithful-but-now-strangely-shying-away family, friends and alumni.

Marketing your business is long, hard work! But it needn’t be:
► put a plan (or even a ‘strategy’) together and stick to it;
► identify your potential audience (aunt Beth was never going to need industrial fixings was she, really?);
► discover where they’re likely to hang out and the tone of voice used on that platform;
► invest in the right tools to do the humdrum and heavy lifting.

If you can put all that together, you really are good to go. Here are three articles that can help you pull it all together:

1. Making Time for Social Media When You’re Dead Busy ►

2. 6 Quick & Easy Ways to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Tasks ►

3. SEO Help #7: Engagement w/ David Amerland:



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