DarrellSuper6 Round-up Week 29

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve entertained the Gillette Soccer Saturday Super6 here on Get Thet, Go!.

Rest assured, we’ve been banging on our entries, Micky D from his sick-bed in New Cross Hospital and the rest of us last-minute rushes.  Oh, to be organised!?!?!

Baggie Bird, the West Bromwich Albion F.C. mascot

Baggie Bird, the West Bromwich Albion F.C. mascot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whatever we do, however, nothing seems to be able to stop Ken running away with the league this year.  And what a turn-around in fortunes.

Apart from a couple of Manager of the Month awards, Ken’s only other achievement in the 2011-12 season was to pick up the wooden spoon.

Not only is the old fella running away with the DarrellSuper6 League, he’s also in the top 1% of the Gillette Soccer Saturday Super 6 League, just 47 points off top spot.

That’s not an insurmountable challenge for Ken, with so many weeks left this season by any stretch of the imagination.

Once again, Ken finished with top honours for week 29, getting two scores bang on the money.

Micky D clawed a precious few points back to give him a fighting chance of avoiding Ken’s fate last season of the wooden spoon.

Pat was the only other player to get a score right, like Ken and Micky D also predicting the Baggies would win 2-1 at home to Sunderland.

It’s only fitting, I suppose, that Ken, Micky D and Pat should get that one right, as they are the trio of Boing-Boingers in our league.

For Jase, Les and Jord, it was slim pickings this week, with no correct scores and only two correct results a-piece.

This poor performance sees Jase and Les fall further behind Ken’s pole position, plus allowing Pat to gain a little ground on their joint second place.

For Jord, it sees the gap between he and Micky D shrink to within just a couple of points at the foot of the table.

As well as the Super Six Week 30 fixtures next week, we have the next round of our cup, being the first Saturday in the month.

That’s also getting too close to call as we reach the penultimate round of the phase 2 round robin.  The fixtures for the last four will be announced before kick-off next week.

Here we are, then; the round up of week 29 results in the 2012-13 the Super 6 competition.

Darrell Super 6 Results - Week 29

Darrell Super 6 Results – Week 29

Fixtures for next week and a run-down of current form on our Super 6 entry form (Darrell Super 6 only, not the real one).

That’s about it from Get Thet, Go!, other than to say that there’s a new feature on our ‘next week’s predictions on the entry form page.

Beneath each team on the fixture sheet, there’s a link to an overview of their current form on the SKY Sports’ site.  Think I’ll be taking a peep at that – can’t have the wife finishing higher than me in the league, can I?

See you next week, folks. for more from the Super 6.

Watch out for our round-up of week 3 of the PDC Premier League and this week’s matchplay in the US on the European Tour, both coming shortly.


Super6 Week 24 Predictions and post-cut round-up Abu Dhabi

Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men.  In good faith I promised the rest of our Super 6 predictions in the middle of the week.

With snow, scaffold, workmen and disruption we were no sooner getting the rest of the predictions on for Week 24 than any other week.

At least the delay has presented the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: the rest of the Super 6 predictions and a round up of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship after Round 3.

Let’s start with the predictions of the rest of my Motley Crew (you can find my week 24 predictions, here). Herewith:

How unreal is this? Micky D and Ken remarkably predicted 5 of the six same scores. The only difference was the Liverpool v Norwich game.

Ken predicted 2 – 2, Micky D predicted 2 -1. The shock was not in the fact that Micky D predicted Liverpool to win a game, but the difference in the accumulator odds purely down to that one differing prediction.

Ken’s odds with SKY Bet returned at 383/1 for all six results; Micky D’s was just 87/1. I was amazed. No wonder the missus only gives me 50p e/w to bet at a time.

So there’s our predictions for Week 24 on the Super 6; now, how is Team Ten Tee 20 Vision faring at the National Golf Course in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship?

Rory & Tiger fail to make the cut in Abu Dhabi

I’m guessing there were plenty following the Woods/McIlroy/Kaymer pairing over the first two days. Of the three, only the 3-time winner of this event, Martin Kaymer, progressed.

Surprised? I’m not.

Of the ten golfers who make up the first Ten Tee 20 Vision Fantasy Race to Dubai team of the 2013 European Tour season, only two have failed to make the cut.  And they’re not Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods.

¿Que, Señor? I dain’t pick ’em for my team, amigo.

One word – pressure.  McIlroy’s under £80M pounds worth to prove to Nike he’s worth the investment.  Tiger Woods wants desperately to be Official Golf World Ranking’s top dog, again.  Both blew it.  Tiger missing the cut by 3 shots, McIlroy by 6.

Factor in that Rory’s got to get used to his new Nike golf clubs and that he and Tiger were head-to-head in every tee box, you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to foresee their failure.

Martin Kaymer progressing to the weekend golf action, however, was a banker.  Confident, on a roll, thrice winner at the National Course in Abu Dhabi – the German making the cut was a dead cert.

The two golfers who’ve let our side down the first week of the Fantasy Race to Dubai are Ireland’s Paul McGinley and Italy’s Franceso Molinari.  Both missed the weekend action by carding rounds of 149 after the first two rounds, the cut being 144.

Our team’s best chance of glory going into the fourth and final day in Abu Dhabi is, of course, Justin Rose.  Doesn’t he always get off to a blinder?  He sits two shots clear at the top of the Leaderboard on -12 for the first three days, brandishing the UK Golf flag, heralding the 2013 challenge.

The Leaderboard with the all remaining eight golfers from the Ten Tee 20 Vision team is as follows:

FRTD - Week 1 R3 - Ten Tee 20 Vision

Race To Dubai – Week 1 R3 – Ten Tee 20 Vision

Week 23 – Darrell Super 6 Predictions

Well, a very grand afternoon t’y’all. All reacclimatised after the shock of getting back to work? Bully for you.

Fantasy Race to Dubai preview

Fantasy Race to Dubai preview (credit: European Tour)

The first tell-tale signs of winter floated down from the skies over the Black Country this morning at around 9am. That’s all the more reason to stay here, with Thet Watson, and let me entertain you over the next couple of parky months, here in the UK.

Obviously, you can follow our Super 6 league, but first off this week, The European Tour is back! That’s right, all you golf fanatics. Not only will we be pitching our wits against Gillette Soccer Saturday’s team of experts, but also going up against the whole of Europe in The Fantasy Race to Dubai.

It’s been a while since we posted anything golf, here from Darrelldoo Towers. But with the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship marking the start of the European Tour’s Race to Dubai, we’ll write that wrong with a summary of who’s going to do what both on the PGA and European Tours.

But back to today and the six predictions that make up our Darrell Super 6 league. Remember, we only give 3 points for a correct score and 1 for a correct result. The SKY team give 5 and 2 respectively – I still maintain they nicked the idea from us, last season.

Anyhoo, direct from Twitter, here are Jord’s, Les’s, Micky D’s, Ken’s, Pat’s and my own forecasts for this week’s six chosen games. All from the Premier League and, I must say, none of them are what you’d call bankers.

So, without further a Darrelldoo, herewith this week’s predictions, in no particular order…

And that brings you bang up to date with all of our predictions. Check back here at around 5:30pm today where the results will appear, as if by magic, in the comments box, below. Over the course of the week, I’ll endeavour to bring the league and cup up to speed, too.

I’ll also unveil my first Fantasy Race to Dubai team.  Anyone fancy going head-to-head, you can create a mini-league on the European Tour site itself.  It would add a bit of spice. I mean, Laura Kennedy won it last year – can’t let a girlie girl win again, can we?  C’mon, fellas – let’s have a craic!

Have you had a go on this week’s Soccer Saturday Super 6? Why not let us know who you’ve plumped for, who you support, where you’re from? A bit of banter on match day is always welcome. I’ll even give your predictions a tweet to all of our FeckTV followers – you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Keep in touch with yourself,
Thet Watson.

Week 22 Darrellsuper6 predictions

Left it a bit late this week – didnae get the chance to tweet the predictions as normal.

Therefore, it’s back to the old-fashioned way we used to do it on the old Google site – uploading a screen-shot from excel.

Without delay, here is this week’s set of predictions from the DarrellSuper6 League:

week 22 darrellsuper6 predictions

week 22 darrellsuper6 predictions


As you’ll see, the golden goal has already been banged in on 12 minutes – no takers from our League, but Les was closest with a-lemon. Let’s hope we get the final scores a bit closer, eh?

DarrellSuper6 Predictions – Week 19

After an astonishing week last week, Ken continuing his shit-hot form that sees him running away with this year’s league with a record four correct scores/12 points, we see if we can do anything to halt his romp.  Les wasn’t far behind with a fourth best ever total in our league of ten points, with three correct scores and a correct result.

So, it’s all to play for for runner up, I think.  Here are our week 19 predictions, direct from the twitter stream:-


There are a few goal-fests predicted there as well as a few stalemates. Will there be the landslides predicted or will there be a few upsets? The way this season’s going, nothing is certain.

Let the games begin!

See you back here next Wednesday, probably, assuming that there’s a full boxing day fixture list.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful weekend, to boot.

Bon chance, toutes les mondes. mwah!

darrellsuper6 – predictions, round 8


Okay – just a quickie coz still got shiploads to do before take-off, tomorrow.

Here’s our predictions for tomorrow, Round 8 of the Saturday Super 6; being the first Saturday of the month, it’s also the Sweet F.A. Cup, this being the second qualifying game.

predictions, week 8

predictions, week 8, league, m-o-m & sweet f.a. cup

See you in a fortnight, once Lanzarote‘s done ¡salud!