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How much muscle recovery time’s needed between abs workouts?

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If you’re not allowing enough muscle recovery time between abs workouts, you’re harming your efforts to get ripped rather than helping them along.

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Abs on fire; Gray’s collage by Mikael Häggström (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Good Good Friday, everyone!

Thinking of getting a couple of extra workouts in over the Easter holiday?  Be sure to read my weekly round-up of the hot-topic in all of the #fitness mags this week:

>> Muscle recovery time: should I or shouldn’t I? <<

The buzz is that you may actually be putting under-recovered muscles in reverse if you’re not adequately resting them, feeding them or if you’re leaving them totally idle on days off.

As well as a story about how I got the whole concept wrong when I first started working out all those years ago, there are five great tips for speeding up muscle recovery time between workouts.

It’s so easy to get misinformed, I totally understand why you would be burning your muscles out instead of growing them. This article will help you understand whether or not you are and what to do about it.

It will also help prepare your body for the next session without being too demanding, whether you’re feeling the effects of an over-enthusiastic workout or not.

So, permit me to be nosy, if you would: are you working to a bespoke exercise and diet regime or making it up as you go along?

Good for you if you are working out, even if it’s only random with no measurable goals.

Total kudos to you guys and gals who are working to a program.  How’s it going and what #sixpackabs routine do you follow religiously and is it bringing the results you expected?

The good news is with *The Definition Method*, despite regular workouts, there’s plenty of muscle recovery time in between workout days to give your washboard time to heal and eventually reveal.

If you’ve not got an #absworkout program yet – or an allover fitness and diet regime that’s not going to break the bank or be _too_ demanding on your time or body – check out The Definition Method 10-minute intro today, whilst you’ve got an extra 10 minutes: The Definition Method – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how simplified Martin has made his program.

And be sure to avail yourself of the ten secret ways to burn fat series he’s put together, too.  It’s a killer and some of the tips are _soooo_ obvious when you understand them, you’ll wonder why you never thought of them yourself.

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I’ll help you reach your goals through our inner circle fan page.  See you on the inside.  And Happy Easter!

Ten fat-burning secrets e-book

Ten fat-burning secrets e-book

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