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#Golf Drive: LinkedIn The Clubhouse, UK Tour 2013

Guest Post by Kay @ Brand You Brilliant #LinkedIn #socialmedia

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Who wants to host a “LinkedIn The Clubhouse Day” during our UK 2013 Tour?

Golf & LinkedIn go hand in hand, both being perfect for #networking.

But are golfers making the most of the opportunity? It seems not.

I think we could all do with a helping hand when it comes to improving our social media efforts.

The problem is, we don’t like to admit that we’re behind the times.

That’s where businesses like BrandYouBrilliant come into their own.

Bringing networking back to the clubhouse

Getting on in business is often about who you know, your contacts, your network.

The golf course is, has been and always will be a place for strengthening that network and cementing those deals.

However, more and more often, a large percentage of any deal’s been put to bed long before the golf bag’s out the back of the Range Rover.

And even more typically, the nitty gritty’s been discussed on social media networking sites, LinkedIn being the weapon of choice for the golfing niche.

This year’s UK Tour is all about bringing networking back to the clubhouse, even if it’s just for a one day event, an event that you can host.

It’s perfect for those missing out on the buzz that used to fill the 19th, but is now flitting through cyberspace, instead.

Think of LinkedIn as an extension of your clubhouse

On LinkedIn, you’ve got the perfect environment to then go on and strengthen new and existing business network connections.

However, so few golfers in business know how to make the most of this terrific resource that’s at their disposal, it genuinely is an opportunity going begging.

What’s more, LinkedIn doesn’t cost a bean to join.  And the golfing fraternity does like to keep the wheels greased with info rather than that dirty word, cash.

However, time is money and you’ll want to make the most of every minute you spend growing your business network through the groups. communities and personal connections you make on LinkedIn.

BrandYouBrilliant can show you the nuances, the little tricks and, more importantly than anything, help you look like a seasoned pro on the social media circuit, irrespective of what you play off on the course.

For more details, to book a training or introduce a clubhouse* please contact Kay on

*Why would you want to introduce a clubhouse to Kay’s business? £100 a good enough reason?

Check out the UK Tour 2013 link right at the top of this article; it takes you through to Kay’s guest post on ‘It Drives Like A Golf!’ where the whole deal is explained quite succinctly.

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Do you write golf?… | Facebook

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Trump Out

Trump Out – statement of intent or apology?

Darrelldoo wrote: Do you write golf? I know we asked… Join Facebook to connect with Darrelldoo and others you may know.

Do you write golf?

I know we asked this question last week, but that was for someone else.

On Golf Street Journal, the membership is building steadily – no, scrub that, rapidly – and, although there are many experts in golf niches I never knew existed before joining the new golf network site, their ability to translate what they know into searchable web copy is a bridge too far for them.  You can’t be brill at everything, can you?

I’m working closely with three people on the network: a golf accessory manufacturer, a club-fitting society president to re-write the group’s entire online content and a European event host looking to export his long-running program to Florida. We’re talking five-figure opportunities, all three, and I’ve only been networking the site, well, less than a month.  And these opportunities have either come directly from or blossomed upon this network.

Oh, and then there’s the guy in Japan who’s teetering on the brink of launching his product who’s expressed an interest in requiring my social and content writing skills, as well as The Putting Doctor, whose new book to accompany his money-back guarantee I’ve got to run through and then the author who sent me an e-mail saying “[I was] the best friend an unknown author could have'”

If you know golf, can write about it and are willing to put a bit of time and effort in networking, then here’s your opportunity.  Get in there, get amongst the action, offer a little bit for free (don’t let them take advantage) and it will open up all sorts of doors for you.

I’m not selling it, I don’t own it and it’s free to join.

It’s the Golf Street Journal and my invitation link to you is here:
Come look me up on site when you join; I’m Zebedeerox. My group is Golf Pro Writers – you have to join to comment/post in the discussions, but it’s open to anyone who joins the site.

No more arm-twisting – you either join or you don’t. If you do, great – see you on the inside; if you don’t, well that’s more opportunities for those of us already in the Golf Pro Writers group. No harm done.

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