The face of UK Golf is about to change


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Golfers of the UK, Eire, Europe and the world, get ready!

The preliminary edition of the brand new weekly e-zine, UK Golf, was issued on Monday last, with the first edition proper scheduled for this Monday, the 20th August.

If you’ve not signed up for your copy of this totally free Weekly digital newspaper dedicated to golf, do it now.

We are putting a whole new face on UK Golf, Irish golf, The European Tour & The PGA Tour – a human one.

It’s time for the avid golf fan to have her or his say above and alongside the biggest names in golf; it’s time for the smaller brands, the start-ups, for those who have opinions and are, in general, dedicated to the sport, to have their fifteen minutes, take advantage of their fleeting window of opportunity and be a part of something very, very special.

For the UK & European fans, we have a very special feature this week from Open Golf Accomodation,

We also have news from the Tour ahead of the Johnnie Walker next week as the players take a well-earned break after what has been a furious August, so far.

For our stateside readership, we have a very special offer on ProAdvanced Pop-up Ball-return ReadyNet golf practise nets, exclusively permitted by Renan Lore himself.

And as the brand new GolfRoller hits the market in L.A. and Toronto, we have news of the product making its début in the UK. Yes, UK Golf will has exclusive access to their foam exercise roller, developed over two years and tailored to the golf market with a series of golf workout tutorials online to boot; we’ll reveal how you can get your hands on this exciting new product.

So sign up for the RSS @, follow for details of contributors and a very special list of Golf and Business networkers who want to share their product and business with you and, most of all, for your and our opinions on what’s affecting golf, who’s reacting to it and what more can be done about it (whatever the ‘it’ is) as we launch this exciting, new weekly golf magazine.

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how to submit your article

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And, perhaps equally importantly, will the search engines. I know, for just $39, including writing your article…I don’t know how we do it!

So, please, read share and enjoy and be a part of this exciting new chapter in golf as we take it to the big boys and have our say!

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The UK Golf network is growing

Okay, we’ve been working for a couple of weeks now, in between our other projects, to try to lay some foundations down for the UK Golf network.  It’s been a bit messy, at times, and as this is a change in tack from our usual modus operandi (we’re writers at heart, not social media gurus) we’re sort of learning as we go.

First of all, why did we feel there was a need for a UK Golf network?

In a previous life, I wrote for a golf site that was more of a hobby for the webmaster than a primary source of income. It relied on selling golf lessons and an amazon a-store to generate income. That’s fair enough but due to the webmaster’s reliance on others to tweak his site, me to write for it and Google to drive traffic it sort of died post-Penguin.

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A cut above at 2012 US PGA Championship

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I have to admit, I expected to be beginning today’s short article expressing my woes that Luke Donald, current OWGR number one, was on a flight home after his pre-cut score of +6 ruled him out of competing for the second half of this year’s US PGA Championship at Kiawah Island.

At one stage last night, it was T65 up to +4 and that was it. Justin Rose had scraped through on that score, Lee Westwood was a half way around bang on that score and Luke was out of contention posting 150 for the first two days.

How shocked was I to find this morning, then, that the bar had dropped to +6 so that Luke had got through by the skin on his Srixon but a second round 77 by Westwood on top of a first round 75 saw him finish this Major +8 and two shots off the mark.

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Golf Instruction: Stan Utley’s Bunker Do’s and Don’ts

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One of the hardest tricks to learn in golf is getting out of the sandtrap (or bunker, to you and I).

Stan Utley provides online video instruction as well as step by step ‘play your way out of a bunker’ written instructions.

This is the first post from my brand new UK Golf stream on Scoop.It, which I’ll be sharing on my Google+ page, darrelldoo.  Or vice versa, depending upon whether I’m buffering or mid-flow.

With Steve holding back on webgolfcoach, the 300 golf followers on G+ have got to have a bit of something to keep their fores! and holes in one whetted. innit!?

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