What A Kindle Day: Nothin’ will ever change me

What A Kindle Day: Nothin’ will ever change me.

via What A Kindle Day: Nothin’ will ever change me.

Just to add a bit of content and background to Thet Watson, really.

And to test out the share facility from Blogger – that’s cool, it works – and you can even choose which blog under your main WP domain name you can publish the WordPress share widget on.

A little post attached that takes me back to days of yore, when everything was possible, we were going to be mods for life and Makin’ Time, we were sure, would have a number one hit some day soon.

That’s the halcyon vision of mid-teens and a disillusionment at a curricular system in the UK that was failing even then, and we were at a good school.

Still, if anyone ever tells you that your school days are the best of your life, listen to every word they say – they’re not so far off the mark.


The new home of DarrellSuper6

Ha-ha!  Welcome to the new home of DarrellSuper6.

It’s a bit late in the day for this season, as we’re in the penultimate round, but running the site on a Google site was a bit of a nightmare.

We used to be here: https://sites.google.com/site/darrellsuper6/

It’s not  a bad little site, to be fair, it’s just the admin side of things, having to load everything in excel, then convert it to a google doc – too much hassle when there’s so much professional writing to do.

I never thought about it before, but I just used to change the page every week.  For next season, I’ll post the fixtures as a new blog-post, get the members of our league to follow, then they’ll have the fixtures fresh in their inbox every week – at least I’ll be getting some grease on the wheels of this little baby and not running around like a blue-arsed one at ten to three on a Saturday afternoon.  Da-dah!

So, let’s see how WordPress handles excel and pdf documents, then…

…okay – strange.

When I take a snapshot from a pdf and paste it into a post for the golf coach website I write for, it displays, like the post through the link just there.  That’s on a self-hosted site though, not on a WordPress-hosted site like this one.  Hmm, I’ll have to look into that.  Anyhoo, here’s the link to our predictions for this Sunday, the penultimate round of Gillette Soccer Saturday Super 6:

darrellsuper6 predictions 2011_12 – round 46

Micky D – click that link above, bud!!!

If we win, I think we may just stop in Costa Adeje a week or two longer.

Adios, amigos. xxx