Week 23 – Darrell Super 6 Predictions

Well, a very grand afternoon t’y’all. All reacclimatised after the shock of getting back to work? Bully for you.

Fantasy Race to Dubai preview

Fantasy Race to Dubai preview (credit: European Tour)

The first tell-tale signs of winter floated down from the skies over the Black Country this morning at around 9am. That’s all the more reason to stay here, with Thet Watson, and let me entertain you over the next couple of parky months, here in the UK.

Obviously, you can follow our Super 6 league, but first off this week, The European Tour is back! That’s right, all you golf fanatics. Not only will we be pitching our wits against Gillette Soccer Saturday’s team of experts, but also going up against the whole of Europe in The Fantasy Race to Dubai.

It’s been a while since we posted anything golf, here from Darrelldoo Towers. But with the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship marking the start of the European Tour’s Race to Dubai, we’ll write that wrong with a summary of who’s going to do what both on the PGA and European Tours.

But back to today and the six predictions that make up our Darrell Super 6 league. Remember, we only give 3 points for a correct score and 1 for a correct result. The SKY team give 5 and 2 respectively – I still maintain they nicked the idea from us, last season.

Anyhoo, direct from Twitter, here are Jord’s, Les’s, Micky D’s, Ken’s, Pat’s and my own forecasts for this week’s six chosen games. All from the Premier League and, I must say, none of them are what you’d call bankers.

So, without further a Darrelldoo, herewith this week’s predictions, in no particular order…

And that brings you bang up to date with all of our predictions. Check back here at around 5:30pm today where the results will appear, as if by magic, in the comments box, below. Over the course of the week, I’ll endeavour to bring the league and cup up to speed, too.

I’ll also unveil my first Fantasy Race to Dubai team.  Anyone fancy going head-to-head, you can create a mini-league on the European Tour site itself.  It would add a bit of spice. I mean, Laura Kennedy won it last year – can’t let a girlie girl win again, can we?  C’mon, fellas – let’s have a craic!

Have you had a go on this week’s Soccer Saturday Super 6? Why not let us know who you’ve plumped for, who you support, where you’re from? A bit of banter on match day is always welcome. I’ll even give your predictions a tweet to all of our FeckTV followers – you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Keep in touch with yourself,
Thet Watson.


DarrellSuper6 Predictions – Week 19

After an astonishing week last week, Ken continuing his shit-hot form that sees him running away with this year’s league with a record four correct scores/12 points, we see if we can do anything to halt his romp.  Les wasn’t far behind with a fourth best ever total in our league of ten points, with three correct scores and a correct result.

So, it’s all to play for for runner up, I think.  Here are our week 19 predictions, direct from the twitter stream:-


There are a few goal-fests predicted there as well as a few stalemates. Will there be the landslides predicted or will there be a few upsets? The way this season’s going, nothing is certain.

Let the games begin!

See you back here next Wednesday, probably, assuming that there’s a full boxing day fixture list.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful weekend, to boot.

Bon chance, toutes les mondes. mwah!

darrellsuper6 – predictions, round 8


Okay – just a quickie coz still got shiploads to do before take-off, tomorrow.

Here’s our predictions for tomorrow, Round 8 of the Saturday Super 6; being the first Saturday of the month, it’s also the Sweet F.A. Cup, this being the second qualifying game.

predictions, week 8

predictions, week 8, league, m-o-m & sweet f.a. cup

See you in a fortnight, once Lanzarote‘s done ¡salud!


darrellsuper6 results – week 7


A rather belated post this week due to the impending vacation.

The September Manager of the Month went right down to the wire, with Ken finally making it over the line ahead of Jord thanks to his nine-point haul on the day and, more importantly, his Golden Goal counting ahead of results, both having predicted the same amount of correct scores. Jay couldn’t hold onto the lead he had going into the final week and picked up a measly three points to finish a point behind them both on 20 points for the month.

Les finished two points further back on 18, a point ahead of Pat and Micky D, as we alluded to last week, will want to forget September ever happened, picking up only 11 points in total for September.

The league is a different story altogether from last year.  There was nothing in it all season long, but Ken’s consecutive manager of the month awards have had an obvious bearing on the league table proper.  He’s way out in front on 31 points from Pat, Jord and Jay, all tied for joint second on 24 points for the season.  Les is just two points back on 22 and Micky D is in the wooden spoon position, just a further two points adrift on 20.

So, the at-a-glance results for week 7 and the league standings are thus:

DarrellSuper6 Results Week 7

DarrellSuper6 Results & League Positions, Week 7

This week, Round 8, sees a mixture of fixtures from the Premiership and Championship before they close their doors in Round 9 for the Internationals. This week, being the first Saturday in the month, is also Round 2 of the Sweet F.A. Cup qualifying Round Robin. Going head to head this Saturday we have

1. Jase vs Jord,

2. Les vs Ken, and

3. Pat vs Micky D

As we’ll be in mid-air come 5 o’clock Saturday, we won’t know the results until we’ve got our gobs around a couple of cervezas on Lanzarote so we’ll check back with you w/c 22nd October.

This week’s fixtures, Round 8, can be found here: DarrellSuper6 Entry Form


DarrellSuper6, Results Week 3 & First Round Cup

Last week we said that Jord, bottom of the pile, along with Les and Jase were all without a correct prediction, but were nonetheless still in touch.  Well this week, scrub that!

Husband and wife went head-to-head and Jord faced Pat in the cup as well as looking for that first correct prediction; it was all to play for.  And all three found that previously elusive prediction.

But the additional two correct results for Jase, with Les failing to get any other results correct, saw him pick up five points to edge past her in the cup and head the Manager of the Month league this first week of September, 5 points being the best result for Week 3.  Jord did manage to pick up another result, which saw him thrash Pat 4-1 in the cup and sees him second in the manager of the month, whilst edging off the bottom of the league courtesy of the golden goal prediction from week one, as he and Les have seven points a-piece.

The two league-leaders, Ken and Mick, faced each other in the cup and it was a close-run affair, neither really turning up today. Ken’s two points were enough to edge out Mick for the two cup points at stake but their overall performance means that Jase has made ground on both in the league, now just one point behind Mick and three off Ken, who holds on to number one spot after taking the early lead in August.

Full results sheet, below:

DarrellSuper6 Results – Week 3

Fixtures for week 4, all from NPower League One, will be uploaded on the Entry Form, shortly.

See you next week,

Thet Watson.

DarrellSuper6 – Results Week 2

Well, next Saturday being the first of September, we’ve already got our first Manager of the Month in the DarrellSuper6 league.  As with last year, Ken gets off to a flyer, helped by correctly predicting that his beloved West Brom would get a point in a 1-1 draw at Spurs.  And, like last season for the first four months, Micky D finished the month runner-up, just a point behind.

Pat got her first prediction of the season correct today, also predicting the Spurs/West Brom draw, putting her in third position in the league after week 2 with 7 points.  Jase and Les are next, level on four points; both are yet to guess a correct score, although they have had two correct results in each of the first two weeks.  Jordan’s got it all to do, lagging behind on three points; if he’d not guessed the golden goal in the first week last, he’d have scored a duck and been even further behind – as it is, he’s just a point of the two above him on three.

DarrellSuper6 Week 2

DarrellSuper6 Week 2

To download as a pdf., the above table is available here: Week 2 results

Next week is the first round of the cup; I’ve not done the fixtures, yet, but they will be exactly the same as they were last year, which you can find on our old site.  Therefore, the first round of the cup will see:

  • Jase play Les, husband and wife, head to head;
  • Jord take on Pat – ooh, the moaning by the eventual loser…, and
  • the battle of the Granddads, Ken vs Mick.
    • I was going to say ‘old bastards’, but changed my mind…

Last season, after the first qualifying round robin, Micky D was unstoppable. It didn’t matter who he’d have faced any week, he seemed to save the best performances of the season for the first week of every month and waltzed to the final, where a point for the Golden Goal eventually saw him edge out Pat 7-6 on the first Saturday in May to take the trophy.  Let’s see what this year’s cup brings.

We’ll finish off by saying congratulations to Ken for guaranteeing himself a medal and a share of the pot next May so soon after this season’s kick off with the first manager of the month award.

For Week 3 fixtures and entry form (registered players only), go to the entry form page.