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Discount coupons on golf and accessories

On Golf - Timothy O'Grady

On Golf – Timothy O’Grady

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This was waiting for me in my feed,  It’s a list of golf products, everything from golf head covers in a fetching blue/white/navy combination to the clubs themselves, from a parchment of the original Scottish rules of golf in a parchment to the latest in polo shirts and other apparel.

In my current state of health, there’s very little of it used to me.  I can’t even swing my pants, let alone my hips.  And I don’t think the stripey golfing trousers are quite me – they’d probably go with the golf club head covers, though!.

And the psychedelic purple beach shorts wouldn’t even be allowed at The Belfry, methinks.  But I guess there’s a market somewhere for them.  Other than the beach, I mean.

This is a third-party offer and, to me, it looks as if they’re all bits and pieces you can pick up on – hang on, let’s check that…(hovers back over offer page)…nope, I stand corrected.

The first product that appears in the search, the book “On Golf”, has come up for sale at a place called ‘in-the-hole’ (sounds like I game I used to play in my youth – tut, Tiddlywinks, I was thinking of, what were you, smutty?), so they’re not amazon products.

To be fair, the book looks like the 2005 hardback edition – no, I’m not an aficionado on books, it’s just that I was wondering why this listing is offering it at $22.95.  The hardback on’s only a tenner, with the Kindle version going for £7.16 – you can get that here: and download the free app on Amazon to convert it to your PC or Android or iOS device.

Anyway – this wasn’t a go-compare type article – I just thought I’d offer you what as awaiting me in my syndicated feeds awaiting curation when I logged in to my account this afternoon.

Okay – that’s me for tonight – I’ll see you tomorrow with an update on the WGC Bridgestone and see if Jim Furyk can hold onto his lead past the halfway point.

TTFN, Thet Watson.

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RSS Feeds for the latest new hotties on our Dating Sites

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Adultere - for that illicit affair

Adultere –
for that illicit affair

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Golf Instruction: Stan Utley’s Bunker Do’s and Don’ts

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One of the hardest tricks to learn in golf is getting out of the sandtrap (or bunker, to you and I).

Stan Utley provides online video instruction as well as step by step ‘play your way out of a bunker’ written instructions.

This is the first post from my brand new UK Golf stream on Scoop.It, which I’ll be sharing on my Google+ page, darrelldoo.  Or vice versa, depending upon whether I’m buffering or mid-flow.

With Steve holding back on webgolfcoach, the 300 golf followers on G+ have got to have a bit of something to keep their fores! and holes in one whetted. innit!?

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