About Thet Watson

Jason Darrell arrived at a cross roads.  With several Blogger blogs and two of each WordPress, Weebly and Tumblr  blogs, things were getting out of hand.  So which to keep?

This, as yet, is not totally decided.  I do know that Jason intends to leave zebedeerox.com for SEO and Internet Marketing, darrelldoo4dating.com as the affiliate dating site (although it’s much neglected ans so badly SEO-ed that search engines will scoot around it) and create a new blog to import all (relevant) social commentary from Blogger and have it in one place.

So was born Thet Watson, who will take on the role of social commentator for zebedeerox/darrelldoo, leaving t’others alone for what they were created for.

Jason Darrell is currently building momentum for global TV network start-up FeckTV.com.  As Jason is off sick, rather than go mad, he’s writing a few posts weekly to give the site a presence.   And then, when the marketing effort on this side of the Irish Sea rolls out early in 2013, the site should be ready to move on.

With regards to Thet Watson, he became a reality in the first week of Spring 2012.  Whilst the FeckTV project has been developing (thankfully out of the golf season), Get Thet Go! has been neglected.  However, as the blog will now cover darts and soccer, too, thee should be more regular and diverse publications at least twice weekly as a minimum.

Rather than list the entire social presence here, you can find almost the complete community (there are a few Blogger blogs missing) of online persona on the  Jason Darrell profile.

Please feel free to read, enjoy, comment and share.

If there’s anything you’d like to see written about relevant to the blog’s tag-line, just drop Thet a line and he will Get Thet, Go!


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