DarrellSuper6 entry form

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Golden goal

Who’ll be first to score?
(Golden Goal, Wikipedia)

DarrellSuper6 Submission Form

Please note, this is NOT the SKY Sports Super6 Entry Form.

Please visit SKY for the Gillette Soccer Saturday Super6 entry form

How to use this form:-

  • First, choose your name from the drop-down list currently occupied with the word ‘Blank
  • The Game/Round Week will be in the grid below, above the fixtures
  • Each fixture in the grid has a corresponding Fixture Number for use in this submission form (e.g. Fixture #1)
  • You may need to scroll down to display all 6 fixtures, depending upon your browser/screen
  • Enter each prediction in the box below its Fixture #, separating the home and away scores with a comma (e.g. 1,0)
  • In the example above, the Home score prediction = ‘1‘, Away = ‘0
  • Choose your Golden Goal tie-breaker.
  • Finally, your date of birth (DD/MM/YY) is your password in order to verify your submission
  • Then hit Submit!  Easy!
  • Any problems, e-mail me.

Next Week’s Super 6 Fixtures:

DarrellSuper6 contestants, enter predictions in form below:


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