DarrellSuper6 Predictions – Week 19

After an astonishing week last week, Ken continuing his shit-hot form that sees him running away with this year’s league with a record four correct scores/12 points, we see if we can do anything to halt his romp.  Les wasn’t far behind with a fourth best ever total in our league of ten points, with three correct scores and a correct result.

So, it’s all to play for for runner up, I think.  Here are our week 19 predictions, direct from the twitter stream:-


There are a few goal-fests predicted there as well as a few stalemates. Will there be the landslides predicted or will there be a few upsets? The way this season’s going, nothing is certain.

Let the games begin!

See you back here next Wednesday, probably, assuming that there’s a full boxing day fixture list.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful weekend, to boot.

Bon chance, toutes les mondes. mwah!


Darrellsuper6 – Week 18 Predictions

Week 18 Super 6 Fixtures & Predictions:

League and results to follow

It’s been a while, sorry. Big things going on in FeckTV land. Check out the FeCkUK Page for more info, there.

But it’s back to the weekly Super 6 predictions and in a slightly new format. Simply embed the tweets as they were posted direct from SKY’s site. Dunno why I never thought of it before. Herewith, Week 18 predictions for our lot, then.

How easy was that? Think we’ll stick to the tweet rather than the facebook share, given the predictions’ transposability (is that even a word – the ability to transpose?).

The results themselves and the weekly points tally for everyone in the DarrellSuper6 league will appear as a comment in the box below at about 5pm, today. I’ll update the leagues and managers of the month over Christmas, sometime.

I can tell you now, Ken’s walking the league, this year.

Have your say: Have you had a pop at SKY’s Saturday Super 6?

Tweet them at me – @JasonDFeckTVcom – and I’ll get them added to this post. I’ll also let you know how you would have faired in our league.

SKY copied from us, I’ll have you know.  We’ve been awarding 3 points for a correct score and 1 point for a correct result for two seasons, now. They changed it slightly to 5 & 2 respectively for this year, buggers. Same thing, only different. We also award 1 point for the Golden Goal, which keeps us a little unique.