DarrellSuper6 Round-up Week 29

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve entertained the Gillette Soccer Saturday Super6 here on Get Thet, Go!.

Rest assured, we’ve been banging on our entries, Micky D from his sick-bed in New Cross Hospital and the rest of us last-minute rushes.  Oh, to be organised!?!?!

Baggie Bird, the West Bromwich Albion F.C. mascot

Baggie Bird, the West Bromwich Albion F.C. mascot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whatever we do, however, nothing seems to be able to stop Ken running away with the league this year.  And what a turn-around in fortunes.

Apart from a couple of Manager of the Month awards, Ken’s only other achievement in the 2011-12 season was to pick up the wooden spoon.

Not only is the old fella running away with the DarrellSuper6 League, he’s also in the top 1% of the Gillette Soccer Saturday Super 6 League, just 47 points off top spot.

That’s not an insurmountable challenge for Ken, with so many weeks left this season by any stretch of the imagination.

Once again, Ken finished with top honours for week 29, getting two scores bang on the money.

Micky D clawed a precious few points back to give him a fighting chance of avoiding Ken’s fate last season of the wooden spoon.

Pat was the only other player to get a score right, like Ken and Micky D also predicting the Baggies would win 2-1 at home to Sunderland.

It’s only fitting, I suppose, that Ken, Micky D and Pat should get that one right, as they are the trio of Boing-Boingers in our league.

For Jase, Les and Jord, it was slim pickings this week, with no correct scores and only two correct results a-piece.

This poor performance sees Jase and Les fall further behind Ken’s pole position, plus allowing Pat to gain a little ground on their joint second place.

For Jord, it sees the gap between he and Micky D shrink to within just a couple of points at the foot of the table.

As well as the Super Six Week 30 fixtures next week, we have the next round of our cup, being the first Saturday in the month.

That’s also getting too close to call as we reach the penultimate round of the phase 2 round robin.  The fixtures for the last four will be announced before kick-off next week.

Here we are, then; the round up of week 29 results in the 2012-13 the Super 6 competition.

Darrell Super 6 Results - Week 29

Darrell Super 6 Results – Week 29

Fixtures for next week and a run-down of current form on our Super 6 entry form (Darrell Super 6 only, not the real one).

That’s about it from Get Thet, Go!, other than to say that there’s a new feature on our ‘next week’s predictions on the entry form page.

Beneath each team on the fixture sheet, there’s a link to an overview of their current form on the SKY Sports’ site.  Think I’ll be taking a peep at that – can’t have the wife finishing higher than me in the league, can I?

See you next week, folks. for more from the Super 6.

Watch out for our round-up of week 3 of the PDC Premier League and this week’s matchplay in the US on the European Tour, both coming shortly.



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