Paul Gascoigne alcoholism fears spark Schmeicel twitter rant

Paul Gascoigne has apparently fell off the wagon with a bang according to his agent, Terry Baker.  It’s not the first time and, if Baker’s to be believed, the former England midfielder may be beyond redemption, this time around.

The Geordie legend who, in his Rangers days, famously incited the Celtic crowd by mimicking playing the flute whilst warming up at Parkhead during 1998’s New Year’s Day game, looked to be on the bottle again in Northampton at a charity gig last week.

Terry Baker is lost as to how Paul Gascoigne has suddenly relapsed. Although his drinking antics and sectioning under the Mental Health Act are legendary, he’d apparently turned a corner.  Certainly, he’d improved since the publication of his acclaimed warts-n-all book, Being Gazza; My Journey To Hell and Back.

Paul Gascoigne piggyback on steve sedley

Where are Paul Gascoigne’s ‘friends’ who piggy-backed on his success, now that he needs them?

photo credit: TottenhamFan via Flickr; CC 2.0 GB

The agent told Radio Five that when he saw Gazza in the run up to Christmas, the undeniably talented footballer was coping well. However, in Northampton on Thursday, his words were slurred and he crumbled to tears, causing Terry Baker to fear the worst.

Peter Schmeichel calls for PFA help for Gazza

Gazza is an alcoholic and, upon seeing a recording of Paul Gascoigne’s public break down in a video issued by The Sun, former Man United and Denmark goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel called upon the PFA to step in.

First and foremost, it’s a dubious call whether or not seeing a video of Paul Gascoigne pissed out of his tree is in the public interest. But what do you expect from a rag like The Stun? Secondly, it’s certainly doing Gazza no favours, heralding a call to his ‘friends’, who may now come crawling back out of the woodwork.

Schmeichel is right what he says. The PFA waste time making deals for players who can afford the best of the best without its intervention.

Many former pros haven’t had the benefit of exuberant wages and continue to live the glamour life ’til the cash runs out, leaving them destitute.

English: Photo taken by myself of Paul Gascoig...

Paul Gascoigne @ Memorabilia, N.E.C.,  B’ham. 18/4/06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alternatively, retired footballers can struggle to adjust to life after their last final whistle. If their account is plentiful and without football and training to focus on, life becomes one long jolly.

Just because players like Paul Gascoigne fuck up once, does that mean they should be abandoned? As Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the responsibility of condemning Christ, Gazza looks like being crucified as the PFA ignores his plight.

Where are the Paul Gascoigne hangers-on now?

Schmeichel sums up his Twitter rant by calling upon those who were there when Gazza’s funds were flowing quicker than the beer, perhaps even encouraging Paul Gascoigne down this one-way street.

Where are those ‘friends’ now, when he needs them? Gone, just like the celebrity, status and funds that Gazza had has disappeared beneath copious amounts of ale.

If you’ve ever listened to The Jam’s To be someone (Didn’t we have a nice time?) from 1978’s All Mod Cons LP, you’ll appreciate it could have been penned for Gazza…

To be someone must be a wonderful thing, a famous footballer, a rock singer
Or a big film star, yes I think I would like that.

As Paul Weller’s classic tongue-in-cheek smack across the chops of fame and fortune alludes, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

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Have your say:

  • Should the PFA step in to help Gazza?
  • Or are Terry Baker and the PFA justified in abandoning what seems to be a lost cause?

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