DarrellSuper6 Predictions – Week 19

After an astonishing week last week, Ken continuing his shit-hot form that sees him running away with this year’s league with a record four correct scores/12 points, we see if we can do anything to halt his romp.  Les wasn’t far behind with a fourth best ever total in our league of ten points, with three correct scores and a correct result.

So, it’s all to play for for runner up, I think.  Here are our week 19 predictions, direct from the twitter stream:-


There are a few goal-fests predicted there as well as a few stalemates. Will there be the landslides predicted or will there be a few upsets? The way this season’s going, nothing is certain.

Let the games begin!

See you back here next Wednesday, probably, assuming that there’s a full boxing day fixture list.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful weekend, to boot.

Bon chance, toutes les mondes. mwah!


One thought on “DarrellSuper6 Predictions – Week 19

  1. It was a pretty average week, with all of us getting one correct score (apart from Jord) and a varying number of correct results.

    In summary, Les and Jase got 6 points, Ken, Pat and Micky D got 5 and Jord got 4.
    MNC 1-0 REA; NEW 1-0 QPR; SOU 0-1 SUN; TOT 0-0 STO; WBA 2-1 NOR; WHA 1-2 EVT; GG = 14 mins.

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