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The Golf Street Journal; Samantha Lewinst’s Profile. I wonder whether any other golf networks have members like this? Do you fancy playing a round with Samantha? Mm, what man in his right mind wouldn’t?

Join us at The Golf Street Journal: you can sign up, here.

Do you write golf?

Sign up to TGSJ and join us in the “Golf Pro Writers” group. Can’t say too much nor make promises just yet, but big plans are afoot. Watch this space, that’s all I ask.  Will reveal more when I’m back from Lanzarote w/c 22nd October.

In all seriousness, this is the single, best golf social network – as their tag-line goes: “Fore Golfers, by Golfers” – and it shows. If you like golf and you like social and/or business networking, this is for you.

Whilst the membership is predominantly from the US, Europe is building up a head of steam, too and is becoming more representative of the overall membership.

It’s early days and there is even a chance to earn from the Virtual Partner program. The co-owner, Jeffrey, will give you all the gen when you sign up; just head on over to the Virtual Partner program (direct link through your new profile) to see which exciting competition is running this month.

Look, I could wax lyrical about this all night, but there’s only one way you’re going to find out and that’s by getting stuck in yourself.

Sorry, the cost, you ask?  There is none – zip, nada, zilch. Here’s my introductory link to the simple sign up page, again:

Come say hi, write on my wall – the 19th hole – check out my profile (Zebedeerox, btw) or Samantha and the other girls (much more appealing than mine and a lot more of them – yes, in more ways than one), including the infamous Aphrodisiac Ice Cream girls – even if you do nothing else with your free membership, it’s worth signing up just to browse their galleries…

…well, that’s enough from me – I’ll see you when I’m back from The Canaries in two week’s time.

TTFN, Zebedeerox.

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