Feherty won’t root for Team Europe at Ryder Cup

Feherty Live Ryder Cup Special

Feherty Live Ryder Cup Special

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Golf funny man David Feherty said he’ll be rooting for the USA when the Ryder Cup tees off Friday morning.

It was only last week we posted a guest blog on http://sportsmongeronthegreen.com/ about Rory McIlroy possibly facing a tough decision ahead of him in front of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, which sees the reintroduction of golf following an absence of more than a century.  Should the golfer from Holywood play for EIRE, as he played for the Republic in his junior country-representing events?  Or should he play for the UK as, after all, he’s from Ulster, technically making him a UK citizen?

Whereas the popular money’s on Rory switching his historic allegiance and returning to Northern Ireland, hence Team GBR for Brazil and beyond, another Northern Irish golfer and ex-Ryder Cup team member, David Feherty, is thinking of abdicating to Team US for this week’s event in Medinah.  I know, shocking!

But, to be fair, has has lived Stateside for the last decade and a half and, although the European Tour winner and Team Europe golfer quipped that he’d never win the legal batle to become an American proper as his “wife always wanted to marry an Irishman”, it’s clear to see where his loyalties lie ahead of Medinah this weekend, if his latest broadcast on Feherty Live is anything to go by.

The repeat of Monday’s Ryder Cup Special show can be seen on The Golf Channel tonight (Weds 26th, September) and features a host of global sports stars helping the golfer-come-presenter-come-comedian make the decision, Team Europe or Team US.

And although he had strapping Scot Sam Torrence alongside him threatening to ‘smack’ him if he chose the stars ‘n’ stripes over the blue with yellow stars of Europe, his closing line of, “I’ll take plenty of flak for it..But hey, Americans take flak. We take it pretty well.” pretty much says it all.

In hindsight, if Northern Ireland could have the choice of who they want n their team for the Ryder Cup and Brazil, 2016, I think they’ll be happy the switch has worked out this way around and not the other, to be sure…

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