darrellsuper6 results week 4

Has it been a week already?  Where does it all go to?  Summer’s gone, the cotton’s ready for harvest and our arse about face temperate climate has given the UK several consecutive days of the best sunshine we’ve seen this year. Tupische!

Enough of the maudlin malarkey – the week’s results.

Another poor showing all around, in context with some of the week’s we’ve known in the past.  However, we were playing with a reduced field as the Doncaster v Oldham game was postponed, which all of us will claim would have given us another three points on the day – yeah, right!

Ken and Jord were the only two players to predict a correct score, which has had a sizeable impact on both of the leagues, the league proper and the manager of the month.  Jord has now gone top of the manager of the month league; although on eight points the same as Jase, he’s predicted two correct scores, whereas Jase’s points have come from mainly correct results, either home, away or draw.  As scores count like an away goal in Europe in such circumstances, Jord is in front by the narrowest of margins for September, to date.

Ken’s correct score today, along with two other correct results (the best performance of the weekend), sees him stretch his lead further at the top of the overall league to five points.  Micky D had another poor week again, allowing Jase to catch him on twelve points; but again, with one more correct score, he holds onto second with Jase in third.  Jord is now only a point further behind on eleven in fourth, whilst Pat and Les are separated by the alphabet only, both having predicted seven correct results and one correct score to leave them three behind Jord and eight off the lead on nine points.

Next week is a return to familiar territory with all of the fixtures coming from the Premier League.

A fluid Arsenal are at home to Southampton, whilst a struggling Villa host a much-improved Swansea side from last season.  Fulham vs the Baggies could be tasty whilst Man Utd., just doing enough every game it seems, are at home to Wigan – y’know, I quite fancy an upset, there?  And the last two fixtures, I can’t see Chelsea fancying the trip across London to QPR nor Man City being altogether enthralled with their jaunt down the M6 to Stoke.  Neither of those, one would suggest, are bankers by any shot of the imagination.
So, herewith, all of this week’s results:

DarrellSuper6 Results & League Standings
Week 4


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