Golf Writers Wanted!

Golf Writers Wanted!.

via Golf Writers Wanted!.

Do you write golf?

Golf player putting green 2003

putting golf passion to profit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, I know I do, but Sports Mongers on the Green, a Pittsburgh sports publishing outlet, is looking for a couple of golf writers to add to its team.

Jason’s e-mail address and other contact details are all included in the article if you think this is an opportunity to turn your putting passion into pounds and pence (or dollars and cents, to make more sense) – ‘kin’ hell, I’m good at this!

Or, of course, if you know someone who could fit the bill, share this post with them and they’ll never throw a sheep at you or give your article a poor rating again. Heck, they may even buy you a beer – then I would be jealous!

No, no – don’t thank me, please; just share my GolfRoller or Golf St. Journal pages in way of appreciation.

Thanks in advance,

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