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Darrelldoo wrote: The Golf St. Journal Hurricane Promo… Join Facebook to connect with Darrelldoo and others you may know.

It’s not difficult to get your head around, this one.

The Golf Street Journal is a brand new social media concept, their tagline: “fore golfers, by golfers”. The two owners think there’s a lot of mileage in getting a lot of golfers under one onlione roof where they can network, pitch, be pitched at and probably take advantage of the on-site advertising, which is kept in-house for the members, by the members. Golf is a cash-rich community and, yes, everyone likes to be dealing within the appropriate circles.  My link can get you direct access to those normally hallowed networks on the new site, with full permission from the owners to invite new members with the sole purpose of inviting new members.

Why would you do this?

TGSJ is a brilliant concept.  The two guys running it believe in it that much that they are paying members $2.50/pop to refer other members.

If you’re good at marketing and have access to sport, especially golf or football (show me a footballer that won’t eventually golf and I’ll show you a Scot that doesn’t drink) or can access the hgher-level management within your corporation, marketing this network will be a doddle.

It’s free to join, create your profile, get your referral link, start hitting the three niches I’ve just pointed out and you’re away. No restrictions to the medium – I’m on fb, twitter and linkedin but my reach is not huge.  For someone with loads of followers, they could even be in with a shout of the big prize the guys are utting up in the Hurricane Promo Party group -0 you haave to check that out when you get inside, honestly.  Unreal!

Once you’ve signed up under my link (I’ll know, coz I get a report), come find me [Zebedeerox] and say hi and I’ll show you the ropes.

If I’m offline, there’s a post on the blog attched to this one and in the 19th hole On THE SITE with a clear sign-post about which group to join for the best advice.

There is no charge, at any stage, to sign up, join groups, create a profile. Anywhere.

See you on the inside.


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One thought on “The Golf Street Journal | Facebook

  1. Scam run by a piece of garbage named Jeffrey Philip Cooper of Boca Raton Fl. He has ripped off many advertisers and has been arrested several times. Just google this slimebag’s name and company and you can see.

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