DarrellSuper6, Results Week 3 & First Round Cup

Last week we said that Jord, bottom of the pile, along with Les and Jase were all without a correct prediction, but were nonetheless still in touch.  Well this week, scrub that!

Husband and wife went head-to-head and Jord faced Pat in the cup as well as looking for that first correct prediction; it was all to play for.  And all three found that previously elusive prediction.

But the additional two correct results for Jase, with Les failing to get any other results correct, saw him pick up five points to edge past her in the cup and head the Manager of the Month league this first week of September, 5 points being the best result for Week 3.  Jord did manage to pick up another result, which saw him thrash Pat 4-1 in the cup and sees him second in the manager of the month, whilst edging off the bottom of the league courtesy of the golden goal prediction from week one, as he and Les have seven points a-piece.

The two league-leaders, Ken and Mick, faced each other in the cup and it was a close-run affair, neither really turning up today. Ken’s two points were enough to edge out Mick for the two cup points at stake but their overall performance means that Jase has made ground on both in the league, now just one point behind Mick and three off Ken, who holds on to number one spot after taking the early lead in August.

Full results sheet, below:

DarrellSuper6 Results – Week 3

Fixtures for week 4, all from NPower League One, will be uploaded on the Entry Form, shortly.

See you next week,

Thet Watson.


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