DarrellSuper6 Predictions, Week 3

Before anyone can accuse me of cheating (as if) when I get all six right again, here are the entire Week 3 predictions nice and early.

Odds across the top of each column are what SKY Bet would give you for an accumulator for all 6 results.  Interesting to see we’ve all chose at least one different outcome, with Pat’s being the safest bet, at 89/1 for all 6 predictions and mine being in cuckoo land registering a huge 259/1 – worth a fiver?

It’s also the first week of the cup, fixtures for that at the bottom of the grid, with a list of our points today next to the ‘Points this week’ column, bottom left.  Will Ken and Mickey D’s blind faith in the Albion getting them a point at least be their downfall or will it set them apart from the rest?  Interesting week and could go either way.

See you later tonight for an up-dated League and first round of the cup results…

darrellsuper6 predictions, week 3

darrellsuper6 predictions, week 3

…TTFN, Thet Watson. x


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