ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG: Divots Eloquence at Royal Birkdale

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Poetry and pitching – you’d never have guessed, would you?

Here’s a quick little post from the Armchair Golf Blog, citing the little ditty to be found at Royal Birkdale encouraging golfers to replace the divots they churn up as they make their way around its golf course, rapidly approaching 125 years standing.

Like the armchair golf blog, I rarely get out on to the fairways and greens – it’s these confounded hips, you know?

In the spirit of adding rhyme where reason seems deplete, I thought I’d compose my own little passage to sum up the good and bad of being confined to a recliner, watching the world of golf slowly flit through a 21.5″ HD Benq monitor every day, rather than get out there on the course and spend as long, if not longer, in the 19th…

Title: Hip-flask to hip surgery

E’en ‘fore my op the green and tee

Often quite eluded me;

Now I sit and write, for succour

No more curse I that little…golf ball

Read, share, enjoy…

…TTFN, Thet Watson. x

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2 thoughts on “ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG: Divots Eloquence at Royal Birkdale

    • Terry, hi – being a Black Country lad myself, I know that you have to go a fairway to find an affluence of rough like there is to get stuck in around these parts…the good thing is, you don’t have to be too polished on your Fore! play. The nineteenth hole is just an average Saturday night in Wolverhampton!
      If you need more publicity, squire, please feel free to guest post on my golf blog,
      TTFN, Thet Watson. x

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