DarrellSuper6 – Results Week 2

Well, next Saturday being the first of September, we’ve already got our first Manager of the Month in the DarrellSuper6 league.  As with last year, Ken gets off to a flyer, helped by correctly predicting that his beloved West Brom would get a point in a 1-1 draw at Spurs.  And, like last season for the first four months, Micky D finished the month runner-up, just a point behind.

Pat got her first prediction of the season correct today, also predicting the Spurs/West Brom draw, putting her in third position in the league after week 2 with 7 points.  Jase and Les are next, level on four points; both are yet to guess a correct score, although they have had two correct results in each of the first two weeks.  Jordan’s got it all to do, lagging behind on three points; if he’d not guessed the golden goal in the first week last, he’d have scored a duck and been even further behind – as it is, he’s just a point of the two above him on three.

DarrellSuper6 Week 2

DarrellSuper6 Week 2

To download as a pdf., the above table is available here: Week 2 results

Next week is the first round of the cup; I’ve not done the fixtures, yet, but they will be exactly the same as they were last year, which you can find on our old site.  Therefore, the first round of the cup will see:

  • Jase play Les, husband and wife, head to head;
  • Jord take on Pat – ooh, the moaning by the eventual loser…, and
  • the battle of the Granddads, Ken vs Mick.
    • I was going to say ‘old bastards’, but changed my mind…

Last season, after the first qualifying round robin, Micky D was unstoppable. It didn’t matter who he’d have faced any week, he seemed to save the best performances of the season for the first week of every month and waltzed to the final, where a point for the Golden Goal eventually saw him edge out Pat 7-6 on the first Saturday in May to take the trophy.  Let’s see what this year’s cup brings.

We’ll finish off by saying congratulations to Ken for guaranteeing himself a medal and a share of the pot next May so soon after this season’s kick off with the first manager of the month award.

For Week 3 fixtures and entry form (registered players only), go to the entry form page.


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