Take on the 2010 Long Drive Champion at the Belfry | Today’s Golfer

Joe Miller Long Drive Champ 2010

Joe Miller Long Drive Champ 2010

Source: Scoop.it – topic: UK Golf

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Of course, when you’re starting out in the ezine game yourself, you’ve got to have a couple of inspirational magazines to look up to.

Today’s Golfer, hosting this competition, Golf Magic and Great Golf Magazine are three online golf magazines that I’ll not only look into, but likewise look up to on the start of this fantastic journey.

The competition to win the chance to take on Joe Miller, the 2010 long drive champion on the famous 10th at The Belfry‘s world-famous Brabazon golf course, is simplicity in itself.  Well, if you’ve got a Twitter account.

You can find Today’s Golfer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheTodaysGolfer (funnily enough); there, you’ll see they’re tweeting this competition into the public stream, visible to anyone following them.

All you have to do is re-tweet their tweet and add the hash-tag: #tglongdrive onto their original tweet (blimey – all this tweeting you’d think we were in an aviary – where’s Sylvester when you need him?) and that’s it – you’re in with the chance, along with three others, to take on both Miller & the mighty Brabazon 10th all in one fell swoop!

I’m going to pop this little article straight into this week’s edition of UK Golf, so if you miss this bookmark, simply subscribe to the RSS there and you’ll never miss an article again!

That’s it – TTFN,

Thet Watson. xxx

p.s. – not got a Twitter account and/or could do with some followers sharpish?

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See original Belfry competition article on www.todaysgolfer.co.uk


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