DarrellSuper6, results week 1

Okay, so Gillette Soccer Saturday is back on our box – Saturdays have just not been the same.  Okay, The Olympics this year kept us ticking over but it’s just not the same, is it?  Jeff and the boys – didn’t take ’em long to get back on form, did it?  Well, if I needed any reminder of what Saturdays during football season were like, Wolves lost again.  Some things never change.

Will we go straight back into the Premier League?  Very much doubt it – after an unconvincing 7-6 victory over Aldershot in the cup on penalties and failing to hit the target at Elland road in the Championship’s opening fixture for the 2012/13 season, it would appear not.  And, to top it off, Michael Kightly scored for Stoke – great move, Moxey! NOT!

DarrellSuper6 - Week 1 results & league

DarrellSuper6 – Week 1 results & league

Anyway, the Premier’s not why we’re here, this is all about the DarrellSuper6 League, which entered its second season today.

We’ve moved from the Google DarrellSuper6 site where we were last season and transmigrated across to WordPress for ease of use, more than anything.  It used to take too long on the Google site, so with a few modifications to the way we’re doing things this season, it should be a lot quicker with the following week’s fixtures being posted as soon as they’re available.

So, to the right, the results & table after Week 1 of the 2012/2013 season; if you just click on the table image it will make it bigger.

The fixtures and entry form for next week’s round, round two funnily enough, can be found, on the DarrellSuper6 entry form.

And whilst we’re on that subject, if there are any non-Saturday rounds, there’s nothing stopping us having a punt on SKY, but those games will not count towards the league.  Although all ‘subs’ will be worked out by the round number as per SKY!

If you’re wondering who’s who, the players can be found, here.

The (Sweet) F.A. Cup and Manager of the Month will run, as it did last year.

Okay – thanks for listening and TTFN,

Thet Watson. xxx


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