Golf Nut Golf Program – turning golf tuition on its head

You sort of build trust in someone you’ve never met when they offer you a six-month, risk-free guarantee in the product or program they’re offering, especially when it doesn’t cost the earth – or a round of loser’s drinks in the nineteenth – in the first place. You certainly trust them more than if they were to say, “we’ll drop your golf score by ten shots in a week” and then ask for a three- or four-figure sum to prove it.

Golf is a Nutty Game!

I want to introduce you to David Stargel, whose Golf Nut Golf Program, borne of frustration, is turning the golf world literally on its head, ignoring all of the old golf tutorials of the past and even being endorsed by some of the most influential coaches in the game…and to think, he was within a gnat’s ‘nads of throwing his golf clubs away after playing next to a college golfer at the driving range who just hit shot after shot, with effortless ease, exactly where he wanted it to go.

One Time-Out later, a lot of self-examination (and querying a lot of other amateur golfers to see where their Achilles heels lay) and he developed a program that not only chopped his own score down to size, but as the testimonials on his site prove beyond doubt his program was not a one-off, but many other frustrated golfers, too.  By throwing out the golf rule book, he has changed golfers’ perspectives and inspired them on to achieve similar, or even better, golf scores.

Read the full article at It Drives Like a Golf!


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