The UK Golf network is growing

Okay, we’ve been working for a couple of weeks now, in between our other projects, to try to lay some foundations down for the UK Golf network.  It’s been a bit messy, at times, and as this is a change in tack from our usual modus operandi (we’re writers at heart, not social media gurus) we’re sort of learning as we go.

First of all, why did we feel there was a need for a UK Golf network?

In a previous life, I wrote for a golf site that was more of a hobby for the webmaster than a primary source of income. It relied on selling golf lessons and an amazon a-store to generate income. That’s fair enough but due to the webmaster’s reliance on others to tweak his site, me to write for it and Google to drive traffic it sort of died post-Penguin.

The SEO side required to bring the site up to today’s standards was too much for the guy, even getting social media activity going on the site was too much beyond the boundaries of his field of expertise. The site was falling way down the rankings as a lack of interaction on his site saw others that engaged their audience rise past it and so, quite rightly, he’s put it on hold.  It’s a shame, coz it’s a really nice site, I used to love writing for it but my writing doesn’t come cheap and was costing more than the site was bringing in.  So, it’s on a hiatus.

What we hope to learn through this venture, UK Golf, is enough about the social media impact on SEO to be able to advise the guy if he decides to pick up where we left off all of those months ago.  Now that would be grand.

But back to why we’re here; even after the site had stopped producing new content, I was struggling to resist the urge to write about golf.  I turned my attention to dating before finally giving in and doing a bit of analysis on golf, specifically UK Golf.

There are one or two excellent websites in the UK that produce daily material, but they are few and far between.  When you compare the size of American golf’s output to ours, it is very much on a similar scale to what the two countries in size sat next to each other would look like.  Their output dwarfs ours. I’d even go so far as to say that there’s probably just as much published daily about Irish golf as their is UK golf.  Hence, we were born.

If you’ve not already guessed, I’m Thet Watson ad I love sport.  Last year I ran a league based on SKY Soccer Saturday Super Six, using 3 points for a win and one point for a correct prediction, with a draw being worth two points.  We had manager of the month awards, league, cup – even a wooden spoon for the last placed guy in the league.  Anyway, when I was considered to help with the UK Golf network, it was a no-brainer.

So, where are we up to and what have we got planned?

Okay – our strength is most definitely going to be writing.  We may not be so hot on the web design and the SEO side of things – that includes social media, but Zeb’s working on that – but we can all write.  And, where we feel our writing will be stronger is that we all have opinions.  Strong ones at that and it shows in our writing.  If we think the Bleacher Report commentators are as far up Tiger as SKY Sports are with Phil Taylor, then we’re not afraid to say so.  Something that many of the UK Golf blogs tend to hold back on.

This is where we are:-

So, there we have it!  We’ve been quite busy and I’m sure we’ve still not got all of the sites wired and anchored up to each other properly yet (there’s probably a real IT-techy phrase for that, but I’m buggered if I know what it is!).

I’m sure there are more places we have yet to discover where we can leave our trail of breadcrumbs for people (and Google/Yahoo/Bing, etc.) to find us. but that really is going to have to be outsourced as, looking around, we’re pretty much all shaking our heads and getting splinters from scratching the bald patches that have appeared as we’ve crunched this lot together this last fortnight.

Submission Guidelines - It drives like a golf

Submission Guidelines – It drives like a golf

Please, please feel free to travel on over to Golf Drive and click on the submit your article page (access through image, right) if you’d like to get something off your chest about the state of UK Golf – the submission guidelines are on there, but here’s a pretty picture of what they are (correct at time of printing so please check when clicking through to make sure they’ve not changed); by submitting here, you will also guarantee yourself a place in the weekly ezine (we will edit it before publication if you’re worried about your written English – that’s cool with us) by submitting your article.

Guys and Gals in golfing land, we think this is gonna be big.  We welcome people to be in it from the start.  If you don’t write about golf yourself but know someone who has a passing interest in the sport, send them a link over to this blog-post…it may just be the makiing of them.


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