The Net Return – Pro Series Golf Net

Net Return Intro Video YouTube

Net Return Intro Video YouTube

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Sometimes, when the cat’s not around to kick (metaphorically, before all of the ‘pets win prizes brigade’ start writing in!) and you’re baby-sitting junior so a quick trip to the local driving range is out of the question, you need to release your pent up frustration on something.

If your a health and fitness whiz, a couple of circuits in your home gym does the trick; if you’re a gamer, turn on the Xbox console and blow seven shades of sugar out of the enemy. Job done.

But what do you do if you’re a golfer?

A golf ball directly before the hole

A golf ball directly before the hole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well the guys and gals over at net return have built a self-assembly driving range you can put in an amazingly small space in your home or even just outside on the patio – just make sure junior doesn’t come a-wandering around the back of you whilst you swing.

This is the video on YouTube of the latest Pro Series Golf Net, just one of twenty-one videos they’ve uploaded to help you with the product. The golf videos go from how to get the best usage from the net, protecting it from discolouration with a UV spray if you want to put it out in the yard and even the quickest way to disassemble it when the wife calls and tells you she’s on the way home (when you should have been tending the flowerbed with junior).

The way the net hangs is ingenious.  It’s about six feet in front of you, away from the tee, but hangs down into a scoop.  No matter where your golf ball hits the net, it rolls down into the gathering at the bottom and rolls back to the tee.  No danger of it rolling off and away for when the pesky cat comes walking back into the living room to start clawing at.

It’s a cracking product and, when you think of the amount you spend on buckets of golf balls at the driving range (and the fuel to get there and back), it’s something that will pay the serious golfer back in no time.

Learn more at – The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net is designed for the serious golfer. It can handle ball speeds in excess of 225 miles an hour and is the only golf net in the world that provides Automatic Ball Return.

The Pro Series also provides Instant Shot Feedback, 5 Min. Pushbutton Assembly, Multi-Sport use, can be used indoors or out and is easily stored or transported in the provided duffle bag.

Check it out, see what you think and drop back here with your comments.  There are testimonials on the website and facebook if you’d like to add your two-penneth there, too.

Thanks for reading; TTFN, Thet Watson.

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