7 Twitter Marketing Tips – via @JamesBlute

twitter marketing tips

twitter marketing tips

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7 practical Twitter marketing tips that really work.

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Part automated (the under the hood stuff) and part manual (the human interface stuff) this guy, James Blute, has genuinely put together a useful seven-step process for succeeding with Twitter.

If you’re an affiliate marketer of some renown or are simply looking to get into Internet marketing, trying out this process for the Tweet Adder thang (I signed up for it 2 years ago and wish I’d had a blueprint for Twitter success like this to go with it) you will start to make your first ripples, both at making money online and the precursor to that, becoming someone who builds a loyal following through trust.

The basic premise of the article is to help you find what you want from twitter if you’re looking at it from a marketing point of view, who to look for to follow, both as an influence on your business and to help identify a sales market on twitter and, as important as anything else, how to be aware of and keep up with the competition.

At first, the amount of people in the same boat as you will seem massive, but if you stick to one aim, don’t get distracted and follow your game-plan you will gradually pull away from the also rans to create both authority and, one would hope, a decent income.

I have printed this off – never having had a twitter game plan – check out my long-neglected Tweet Adder account and start applying, as of next week.

Read, share, enjoy.

TTFN, Thet Watson.

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4 thoughts on “7 Twitter Marketing Tips – via @JamesBlute

  1. No doubt twitter is a great place to build a following and start making some money. And there are a lot of others trying the same thing. Stick to it and you will come out in the top 10% pretty quickly. The rest of them just don’t have the ambition to stick to it. it will get hard, but if you keep going you get on top fast

      • I promise, if you stick to it you will. I also promise that there will be times when you think its “not working”. You need to soldier through those times and keep pushing.

        With any social media marketing there will be a LOT of wheel spinning at first. You will be doing all the right things, but it wont seem to be taking hold. Then one day it magically catches and takes off. You need to push through until you get to that point. Most people quit just before they would have taken off. If it was easy EVERYBODY would be doing it. You need to be willing to do what nobody is! That is where you will succeed.

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