Chapter One: Janey

Chapter One: Janey

Chapter One: Janey

Folks – get it whilst you can.

This is Mary Catherine‘s short story collection whereby all of the stories form a Chapter One of a main character’s own tale, yet subsequently lead into the Chapter One of the next character’s plot.  A cracking concept and an even better deal on Amazon at the moment, priced at a whole £0.00 for the e-book (Kindle) version.

If you’ve not got a kindle, you can download an app from Amazon for all platforms.  It’s easy – even a technophobe like me accomplished it first time for my PC.  A list of all available apps for Kindle is available on Emotobooks, Revolutionary Reading.

The full synopsis is through the link on the book cover, above, on Amazon.  And if you’re an Amazon account holder and have the kindle app already installed, you can buy Chapter One: Janey with a single click.  It could not be easier!

Oh – and don’t forget to like it on Amazon!

That’s all, folks.

Thet Watson. xxx

Oh, by the way – if you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a Kindle Touch and this collection of free stories is the decisive factor, just click the image below and it will take you to them on


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